Energy 101

The cost of energy services is one of the biggest line items on the corporate budget, yet many companies do not know how to take advantage of deregulated markets to reduce this cost, or roll back consumption to save even more.

Looking for an energy solution?

The most effective way to reign in runaway energy costs is to pursue a management program with a business partner that has applied its expertise to assisting a broad range of clients.


NetGain Energy Advisors is partnered with Alternative Energy Development Group (AEDG). Together we provide turnkey Fuel Cell and Solar PV solutions. If your business qualifies, NetGain and AEDG can help you turn unused building real estate into a valued asset with a choice of investment options that include turnkey design, installation, operation and maintenance.

  • Investor Development - AEDG finances development through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and you get a fixed initial rate per kWh with rate increases capped annually during the life of the PPA. Essentially you are purchasing, “Energy As A Service”.

  • Owner Development - Alternatively, AEDG offers creative and competitive financing, including Debt, Equity and/or Tax Equity. As an option, both parties may share in financing development and share the risks / return.

In some states, electricity generated by fuel cells and solar arrays produce either substantial financial incentives and/or Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), which are marketable securities traded on specific exchanges. If you select Owner Development, you have the option of having NetGain’s partner network utilize its expertise in the sale of the RECs or you can sell them yourself.

As noted above, a Fuel Cell or Solar installation will generate baseload electricity for your building, which can significantly reduce your overall energy costs, insulate your business against the continued volatility of energy prices, meet your sustainability goals, plus protect against failures in the grid.

Learn more about Fuel Cells as Backup Power Solutions.

Find out how NetGain can help you benefit from Fuel Cell and/or Solar energy for your building. Contact us today at: or 703.829.NGEA (6432).


Regulatory iMap

View our interactive map (iMap)to see where NetGain and our partners are licensed, plus a regional view of Electric and Natural Gas (non-residential) regulation on a state by state basis.

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